Free E-Books - Applying and Auditioning for Music Schools

Thinking about applying to music schools? Getting ready for your college music audition? Applying and auditioning for a music college is challenging, but necessary to open the doors to the music school of your choice, so having the right mindset and preparation is key!

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  • Five Tips as you Prepare to Apply to Music Schools
  • Five Steps to Auditioning Success
  • Music Teaching and Learning: The Music Education Major at Eastman
These e-books are guides for a challenging process and feature a wealth of practical ideas to help you navigate each step.

In "Five Tips as You Prepare to Apply to Music School" music students, teachers, counselors, and parents of music students will find valuable advice on:

  • What’s the Right Number of Schools to Apply To
  • Looking Ahead to Your Applications
  • Resume Guidelines for Undergraduate Applicants
  • Organizing Your Applications
  • Planning Your Audition Calendar

In "Five Steps to Auditioning Success" you will learn more about:

  • Getting there: Tips for Traveling to Your Audition
  • Be Prepared – Auditioning at Your Best 
  • Make the Most of Your Audition Day
  • Up Close and Personal - How to Have a Great Interview
  • After Your Audition – Five Things to do While Waiting for Your College Decision.

In "Music Teaching and Learning: The Music Education Major at Eastman" you will learn more about:

  • Qualities of successful music education majors
  • Preparation to become a music education major

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